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    Qianglong Furniture Co., Ltd. origins date back to 1997 and located in Anji , China’s hometown of swivel chairs. The Qianglong company has numerous manufacturing facilities strategically located at Zhejiang & Anhui provinces covering total area of 250,000 sqm with the total workforces of more than 3000 staff and total registered capital of RMB 110 million yuan.

    In order to increase the efficiency of the operation, the company has set up the fully integrated ERP management system. The company pays great attention to product quality with a perfect quality control system, and has been approved ISO17025 General Requirement for the Competence of Test and Calibration Lab.

    Looking ahead based on the present, to achieve the goals of becoming the international leader in furniture industry consisting of design , manufacturing and marketing, Qianglong will persevere consistently in quality assurance, constant innovation and considerate service.

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