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    Shanghai Min You Global Furniture Co.,Ltd. was founded in April 2009, a wholly-owned subsidiary under Zhejiang QiangLong Seating Co.Ltd with registered capital of RMB 15 million yuan.

    In November of 2008, The Global Group, the fifth largest multinational manufacturer, marketer and distributor of office furniture in the world and the largest in North America, and Fosun, one of Chinese top ten private enterprises, co-invested Zhejiang QiangLong Seating Co.Ltd. and allied to build the base of design, manufacture and market in furniture industry in China. Shanghai Min You Global Furniture Co.Ltd. is the exclusive agent of the Global Group in china.

    At the heart of Min You GLOBAL is research and design. Adhering to the concept of "Success Comes From Focus" , we focus on the services designed to meet the needs of custom solution.

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